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Inspirational, Aspirational, Connected

Rhizome17 provided inspiring, new perspectives and thus deep insights into the State-of-the-Art Connected Kitchen. Bringing together experts from various fields, Rhizome17 identified the possibilities, challenges and social implications resulting from the ever-changing relationship between humans and machines. It focused on how industry, startups and designers can react and flank the upcoming changes, which kitchen life is confronted with.

Please be sure to visit our partner events, such as the NEXT Conference and Reeperbahn Festival, which are included in your package! Find out more here.

Bring your company to the next level.

Discover new possibilities to position your company in a sustainable and profitable way in the growing market of Connected Living. Find out what you should be prepared for and how you can steer your business given an ongoing digitalization of the kitchen and its adjacent value chains. Be part of Rhizome17 – Connected Kitchen Conference. Here you will find inspiration, visions and partners, that will make ideas become reality.

Meet the right people.

You have the know-how and the ideas to seize opportunities with unconventional thinking, innovative products and services. You can point out the right trends and turn them into solutions, particularly those in the growing market between humans and machines; however, you're missing the right partners? At Rhizome17 you will meet the right people, those with whom you can develop and realize your innovative ideas.


Rhizome17 offers a stage to experts, pioneers and masterminds of their field. Inspiring and wowing the audience with your visions of the future and having your ideas challenged in an interdisciplinary forum, is a chance to contribute to the joint vision building, but also to improve existing and accelerate new ideas. Be part of the discussion around State-of-the-Art Connected Living and explore the exciting new developments.