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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Participation for RHIZOME Conference

  1. The BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Carl-Wery-Str. 34, 81739 München (subsequently referred to as “Event Organizer”) on 20.09.2017 will be organizing the RHIZOME-Conference in the “Trend Küche & Club”, Große Elbstraße 212, 22767 Hamburg (referred to as the “Event”), examining the theme “Connected Kitchens”. The Event Organizer is awarding participant slots to the event, which include access to its partner events: NEXT Conference on September 21st and 22nd, 2017, as well as Reeperbahn Festival from September 20th, 2017 until September 23rd, 2017 with the following stipulations.
  2. The Event Organizer, in advance, has informed a group of participants about the upcoming Event. Within this group of participants, each participant can then apply for confirmation of a potential spot using the designated link received in our information letter.
  3. In addition, previously non-informed parties interested in attending can also apply for a participant slot for the Event through the website: using the “Apply Now” button.
  4. By sending the Application for the Event, the Applicant accepts these conditions of participation.
  5. Eligible to the procurement procedure of the participant slots of the Event are businesses from several sectors, which have either, in accordance with paragraph 2 of the Terms and Conditions, been informed in advance, or either, as in accordance to paragraph 3, have already applied.
  6. There is no claim or entitlement for participation to any or all participants.
  7. In the case of confirmation to any and all participants, there will be no coverage for travel or hotel costs included. Furthermore, the Event Organizer won’t bear any other costs arising to the participants by the participation
  8. The objective of the Event is to achieve an exchange between business representatives from a multitude of sectors regarding the theme, “Connected Kitchen”, in order to obtain a diverse insight into the vision in regards to uses of connected home appliances and in regards to the meaning of the interaction between humans and home appliances for diverse personalities and businesses. The allocation of the awarded slot takes place, therefore, after consideration by which the Event Organizers will take into account the objective of the Event. Therefore, the right to participate is not applicable to any other company.
  9. Notification to the participants occurs following entry of the registration process and between, at the latest, one week before the Event by email courtesy of the Event Organizer.
  10. The jurisdiction of a court is excluded.