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20. September 2017


What is Rhizome?

Rhizome – Connected Kitchen Conference discusses the possibilities and challenges of the post digital relationship between human and machine in the kitchen. The conference aims to generate visions for consumers and businesses through featured discussions, while offering valuable room for networking among participants and speakers in-between.

In keynote presentations and panel discussions experts from science and practice, professionals from social networking, as well as entrepreneurs from the food value chain will jointly develop scenarios of how humans and machines will complement each other in the future.

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Michael Mustermann

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Erika Mustermann

Seize the vision

Rhizome17 offers an interdisciplinary discussion forum designed to explore and identify the possibilities and challenges that come with the megatrend of connectivity. The post digital era has changed the living environment of humans: man and machine do no longer exist independently from one another, but rather enter into a highly diverse relationship. Rhizome17 has dedicated itself to this paradigm shift at the center of our household: the kitchen.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be visionary.

Be the first to know!

Rhizome17 offers you a day filled with engaging and innovative topics. As media representative you will meet entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of technology, food, health and social media, jointly exploring the impact of digitalization on people’s daily live, business and service providers.

Upon request we can jointly evaluate which content and stories around this year’s event could be interesting for you.

Hamburg – The Pearl of the North

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